First Time Mommy!

This was my first time meeting Andrea! She showed up in this beautiful dusty rose dress that complimented her skin tone and the lighting beautifully. She told me that this was her first baby! I was so excited for her because there is something so special about your first little one. Being pregnant with my second, I miss all of those first feelings you experience when growing a little one inside of you. It's the first time you get to experience EVERYTHING! You watch your body grow for the first time, you create a little beating heart for the first time, you give birth for the first time, and you will experience a special type of love for the first time. It is such an amazing time that you will only experience once with your first child. I wish Andrea the best of luck and I am so excited for her to experience motherhood for the first time! To all the mamas having your first baby... cherish every minute of it!

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